Through education and compassion, we can create change. 

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Our Mission

Dedicated to education through canine companionship.

The Cesar Millan Foundation was created by the world’s foremost dog expert. With over 25 years of canine experience, Cesar’s profound approach to achieving balance and harmony with dogs has been passed down globally for generations. The Foundation is committed to promoting and teaching compassionate behavior.



The Cesar Millan Foundation PAWsitivity program works with under-served and at-risk youth by facilitating education workshops focused on empathy, compassion, leadership, and teamwork skills through hands on interaction with dogs.

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In Service

The Cesar Milan Foundation provides content-based education and training to mutually benefit canine and human interactions within the following areas:


To decrease the number of travel incidents for both pets and humans with our preparation and safety programs.

Law Enforcement

To provide education and training to members of law enforcement in order to de-escalate high stress situations where animals are present.

Incarcerated Youth & Adults

To develop compassion, leadership, understanding, and accountability in those who are incarcerated and/or re-entering society.

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Disaster Relief for Animals

The Cesar Millan Foundation works with vetted animal first responders and partners on the ground to dispatch emergency relief funds, supplies and services to areas around the world where animals are in distress. 

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As humans, we’re smart - but not so smart that we can’t learn a thing or two from these creatures. Maybe dogs are a way of telling humankind, “You can do better.”

Lawrence W. Reed