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A program focused on working with under-served and at-risk youth by facilitating education workshops focused on empathy, compassion, leadership, and teamwork skills through hands on interaction with dogs.

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A boost for under-served and at-risk youth

Built upon the philosophy that energy and self-awareness are some of the most important guiding forces in life, which can be harnessed by participation in the program, and used in all aspects of daily living.


Energy and self-awareness

PAWsitivity is an innovative educational program that helps children learn about responsibility beyond taking care of themselves. It inspires them to use their innate abilities, sensitivity, and love to ignite good in their communities, while guiding them to build healthy social relationships and becoming fully humane.

Energy and self-awareness

Helpful for children with early trauma or family separation

Dogs prove to be intelligent and empathetic companions for children with early trauma or family separation, and help create a culture of trust and compassion – thus building a foundation of greater self-confidence, peer acceptance, and cooperation.


Benefits of Animal Assisted Interaction (AAI) may also include increased self-esteem and positive self-concept for at-risk youth.

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